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St. Peter's is a Parish within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton
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We have provided a range of links on adjoining pages (accessed from the Links Menu above) that will take you to other sites with information about the Catholic Church and/or organisations within it. These are provided for your assistance and we accept no responsibility for the content of any of the sites listed.

In view of the number, we have broken the list down into groups of related subjects and list the group headings that will list many sites for you to examine. The Groups come broadly under the following headings:

Dioceses of England and Wales but with a link to similar lists for Scotland and Ireland. From these you can access details of any Parish (assuming they have a web site!) to check on Mass Times etc. Useful for holidays or weekends away.

News Services of the Catholic Church and related Organisations - these provide you with regular (sometimes
daily) News Feeds.

Research Resources - places to go to find out information about the Catholic Church, its Teachings and other related matters such as texts and prayers for Private Meditation.

Miscellaneous Resources - useful sites that don't fit in to the categories above, including the Vatican web site and also lists of all the Popes and Cardinals of the Church, Catholic Dating Sites, a source of FREE Cathlolic Books and many other sites. Take a look!

Please feel free to suggest additional links for us to expand the range.

If any of the links do not work (sites change regularly and may have moved or been withdrawn) please let us know and we will adjust our list.

Send details of broken links or new suggestions for links to our webmaster by emailing

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