St. Peter Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Rushden, Northamptonshire
St. Peter's is a Parish within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton
Member of the Northampton Diocesan Trust Charity No. 230491

Priests of the Parish

24th September 1903 to 29th April 1904 James Shore

20th November 1904 to 14th October 1907 Eugene O'Hagan

8th November 1908 to 12th June 1911 Ronald Waldie

2nd November 1912 to 18th March 1917 Thomas O'Gorman

17th February 1918 to 12th March 1924 Frederick Lockyer

31st August 1924 to 29th August 1937 J.C. Nutt

16th January 1938 to 6th June 1965 Edmond O'Gorman

27th June 1965 to 4th April 1976 John Harris

12th November 1967 to 3rd October 1971 Peter Rogan

1st July 1973 to 7th April 1974 Richard Murtagh

2nd May 1976 to 28th September 1980 Neville McClement

12th October 1980 to 7th April 1991 Brian Frost

28th April 1991 to 12th December 1993 Roger Edmonds

6th February 1994 to 2nd April 1995 Anthony Hogarth

9th September 1995 to Present Joseph Walsh

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