St. Peter Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Rushden, Northamptonshire
St. Peter's is a Parish within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton
Member of the Northampton Diocesan Trust Charity No. 230491

Parish History


In 1982 Canon Brian Frost began a record of the parish. Nothing had been written about the parish history prior to this. He states: "At this time (1982) the parish consists of four fairly large areas - Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Irthlingborough, Irchester and a number of small villages."

The Church In Rushden

In Rushden in 1868 Mass was being said every other Monday at Knuston Hall. Rushden was a daughter mission of Wellingborough. In 1899 the Presbytery was commissioned along with a portion of the church - the present Sacristy. This was dedicated to St Peter and opened as the church in 1904. Prior to this, Mass was said at Father James Shore's house at 9 Alfred St.

A General Picture

Rushden takes its name from the situation of the Saxon settlement along the banks of the brook, which runs through the middle of the town - 'Rushy Dene.' By the time of the Norman Conquest they had their own priest and were an established village. The Normans built a hunting lodge in the area, which brought notable people here and resulted in the growth of the village into a town. Agriculture was the dominant industry, but by the 19th century among the 1,300 inhabitants, cottage industries of lace making and shoe-making were growing. The wars on the continent stimulated the need for military boots and the first 'manufactories' were built, together with foreman and workers cottages. In 1845 the railway came, and by 1911 the population had grown to 13,000. In 1951 the population was 16,370 and in 1980, 23,000. The original church is now the sacristy. (This photo shows almost the entire original chapel!)

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