St. Peter Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Rushden, Northamptonshire

St. Peter's is a Parish within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton
Member of the Northampton Diocesan Trust Charity No. 230491

St Peter's Baptism Preparation

Parents seeking the Sacrament of Baptism for their child should in the first instance contact the Parish Office by telephone or email, (Details on Home Page of this site) stating their (the parents) name and address (which should be within the Parish of St Peter Apostle, Rushden) with phone number. Alternatively you may contact Fr Joe at the coffee meeting in the hall lounge most Sundays after the 10.30 Mass. At least one months notice should be given except in special circumstances.

The next step will be that you are contacted by the Parish Baptism Facilitator to discuss possible dates. You will then be visited to discuss the Sacrament of Baptism, which is a big commitment as you are undertaking to bring your child up in the Catholic Faith. We can also answer any questions yu may have at this point.

Two Godparents will be required, at least one of whom must be a Catholic.

The Sacrament of Baptism in this Parish is administered in two parts. The first part is known as the Rite of Welcoming, and takes place at the beginning of the 10.30 Mass on a Sunday about two weeks before the actual Baptism. The Rite of Baptism itself can again be during 10.30 Mass or at 2.00 p.m. on Sunday afternoon or, in exceptional circumstances, at another time by mutual arrangement.

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