St. Peter Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Rushden, Northamptonshire
St. Peter's is a Parish within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton
Member of the Northampton Diocesan Trust Charity No. 230491


All sessions take place on Sunday beginning at 12 noon. and last no longer than 15 minutes. The only exception is the Away Day.

Names in Italics are confirmed - others (in Bold) are not at time of going to press

1. 20th January - Who is Jesus and why did He die? (Alpha Sessions A1 & 2) Simon

2. 27th January - How can I be sure of my faith? (A3) Maria Heath?

3rd February - Break for Lux

3. 10th February How and why should I pray and How and why should I read the Bible? (A4 & A5) Kerting

Saturday 16th February (Away Day)

4a How does God Guide us? (A6) Mike

4b What about the Holy Spirit? (w/e 1) Sr Josephine

4c How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit? (w/e 2)

4d How can I make the most of the rest of my life? (w/e 3)

4. 24th February - What about the Church and the Sacraments? (A10 + extra) Fr Joe

5. 3rd March - How can I resist evil? (A7) Monica

6. 10th March - Does God Heal Today? Carol

7. 17th March - Why and How should we tell others and Ministry and faith groups in the Parish. (A8+ Local Ministry?) Jubes (and others)

Weekly Programme (except Away Day) will be:

12.00 Meal
12.20 Introduction
12.30 Talk
12.45 Group Discussion
13.20 Final Prayers and notices
13.30 Finish

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