St. Peter Apostle Roman Catholic Church, Rushden, Northamptonshire
St. Peter's is a Parish within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton
Member of the Northampton Diocesan Trust Charity No. 230491

Parish Management

As a parish we must manage our income and meet our commitments as anyone else. To do so a number of lay members of the parish volunteer their expertise in finance and business. They meet under the Title of the Parish Forum to assist the Parish Priest in this onerous area.

The Forum was set up in 1996 shortly after Father Joe arrived in the parish. Following a Deanery Study Day on 'The Sign We Give' it was agreed that it be set up on the basis of Collaborative Ministry. Our aim is shared responsibility, working as a team and communion in mission. The priestly role is one of leadership order and unity, the laity role one of sharing, serving, and faith. Together they work as a team. For names of current Forum Members click here Click Here.

The Forum assists with

Financial Management
The Maintenance of the Church, Presbytery and Grounds

All members are committed practicing Catholics and together with Father Joe meet about once every six weeks to focus on the needs and potential of the parish in order to plan for the future.

Our priorities are:

Offering support to both priest and laity
Developing faith and community
Communicating with the parish, deanery, diocese, and ecumenical groups
Recognizing and meeting the needs of the parish
Fostering a sense of parish identity
Developing inclusive activities in the parish.

Currently we have ten members - click here to see who they are.
We have representatives from the Forum on the Deanery and Diocesan Pastoral Councils and the Rushden and Higharn Ferrers Council of Churches and Irthlingborough Churches Together.

Any parishioner may attend the Forum meeting to put their view forward personally by arranging this in advance with Father Joe.

Our parish mission statement reflects the aims of the Forum:

Our mission is to be a Christ-centred community within the Diocese of Northampton, with a growing core of committed parishioners, who are encouraged to develop personal holiness through prayer and the sacraments.

We aim to be a welcoming parish, with a strong cohesive and united Catholic membership. All are invited to give generously of their gifts and time, to participate in the life of the parish, to reach out to the community at large, and to build God's kingdom each in his or her own way.

Love God - Love one another.

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